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Our expertise & services

Fields of services

Both domestic and international applications/registrations for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks with Japanese and overseas patent offices, including procedures through the PCT and Madrid Protocols routes. Copyright registrations with Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Software Information Center
Patentability searches and registrability searches for trademarks before filing applications, and other searches regarding infringement, technology trends, invalidation of patents, for both domestic and overseas cases
Dispute resolution and litigation
Warning to infringement, response to alleged infringement, lawsuits against infringement, invalidation trials, lawsuits against trial decision, oppositions against registration, arbitration and mediation through the Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center
Expert opinion and licensing
Analysis of possible infringement, evaluation of enforceability, licensing of IP rights, drafting of contracts and related documents
Translation of technical and legal documents
Translation of various IP-field documents, including patent publications, utility model publications, and contracts
Advice on invention mining, developmental strategies, IP asset management, dispute resolution, and any other IP-related matters
Training and seminars
Organizing training sessions and seminars on intellectual property


Due-date management
We use an automatic due-date management system that, when a starting date is entered, automatically calculates the official due date, in-house due date, and other essential dates. The system eliminates the possibility of due-date calculation errors.
The input of the starting date can also be performed automatically by exchanging data between the management system and the application/registration filing system. No manual input error can occur.
We determine a due date for a response from the client, which comes before the official due date, depending on the importance of the case. The client is reminded of the date - repeatedly if necessary.
Document management
A patent specification and drawings, as well as design drawings, are checked by a group supervisor or a management supervisor for format compatibility, proper content, and editorial errors when they are drafted. Before official filing, the management supervisor checks them again.
Bibliographical data is double-checked by an administrative supervisor and a management supervisor, no matter which law is applicable to the case: patent law, utility model law, design law, or trademark law.