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About us

Greetings from the President

Established as Kurauchi Patent Office in 1973, our firm celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023. One might say that patent firms with long history are not necessarily good ones. Still, we are proud of our history, evidence of time-tested trust that we have gained from our clients over the years.

Innovation builds on itself - layers and layers of engineers’ long time search and quest for new ideas and concepts to improve on prior art. Our firm has been working closely and sincerely with inventors to protect the fruit of their time and effort in many fields. Our long list of clients says it all. Our business extends beyond cutting-edge technical fields and covers the full range of IP practice including trademarks.

Intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks, will require reliable management over an extended period of time. We are devoted to establishing the most effective in-house administrative structure to handle an array of legal procedures that is material to secure the long-term protection of intellectual property.

We believe in the long history of our firm. It is a foundation upon which we thrive to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.


ARC Patent Attorneys’ Office The Senior Managing Partner, The President, Patent attorney Giro KURAUCHI

Our core values

We are flexible and adaptable
More than a few IP firms contributed their resources and expertise to the founding of Arc. We all work together, drawing on this vast pool of knowhow, and offer high quality services to our clients. We are flexible and adaptable, not bound by convention or tradition, in achieving our goal while respecting professional views and opinions of individual staff.
Liberal work environment
We have been encouraging a positive, liberal attitude and mindset in our staff members right from the start of the firm. Every patent attorney, patent engineer, paralegal, and administrative clerk has their own expertise and is learning more to meet the needs of each client. Relaxing and stress-free office environment also helps them work efficiently on their own. With just the right size of staff of 60 workers, we are able to maintain an organizational structure and at the same time allow freedom for them. Our firm has an established work environment that combines both organizational strength and legal and technical footwork.